Stimmen zur Wahl aus den britischen Gewerkschaften: Dank an Corbyn und sein Team: Sie haben die politischen Kräfte nachhaltig verschoben: Die soziale Kürzungspolitik der Konservativen hat ihre politische Basis verloren. Obwohl die Eliten ihr ganzes Gewicht in die Waagschale geworfen haben. Jetzt geht es um die Bedürfnisse der Arbeitenden.

Frances O’Grady – TUC General Secretary

This election was about bread and butter issues — what needs to change for ordinary working people. The next government must deliver a new deal for working people. They should implement popular policies from the campaign — like banning zero-hours contracts, pushing up the minimum wage and delivering a long overdue pay rise for nurses, midwives and all public servants.

Dave Ward – CWU General Secretary

The election result heralds a change in the balance of forces in UK politics and there is no going back for Labour. Jeremy Corbyn and the leadership team deserve enormous credit for their resilience and for putting together a superb manifesto and campaign that brought Labour back home to working class people.

Matt Wrack – FBU General Secretary

Millions of voters supported policies that just two years ago were condemned as fringe ideas — renationalising the railways, scrapping student debt, building new homes. Jeremy Corbyn has shifted the political debate decisively in favour of working-class people by working towards what is fair and just. It seems that the Tory Party’s austerity agenda may have had its day

Mick Cash – RMT General Secretary

This election has sent out the clearest possible message that the British people have rejected the Tory programme of cuts, austerity, privatisation and division. Despite Theresa May and her allies throwing the full weight of the Establishment machine at Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party the electorate have seen through that barrage of negativity and have voted in their droves for Labour’s socialist manifesto.


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